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The Family Promise Network program brings shelter, meals, and support services to families without homes. These networks produce a cost-efficient, effective, and replicable community response to family homelessness. Because they make use of existing community resources, they can be implemented quickly, without major start-up costs.

There are six basic components to our Network Program:

  1. Host and Support Congregations: Hosting congregations provide lodging, three meals per day, and caring hospitality up to 4 weeks per year. Responsibilities rotate weekly.
  2. Day Center: Guests use a local Day Center from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, where the Family Promise Network Director, a professional social worker, provides case management services. There, guests pursue employment, tend pre-school children, shower, and do laundry.
  3. Transportation: The Family Promise Network van transports guests to and from the Day Center, and it is also used to carry bedding and belongings to the next host congregation and to collect donations.
  4. Fundraising: Grants, fundraising events, donations.
  5. Social Service Agencies: Family Promise works in collaboration with existing social service agencies.
  6. Volunteers: Volunteers are essential to our success and provide a wide range of services like cooking and serving meals, playing with children or helping them with homework, interacting with guests, providing overnight security.